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Data Loss Protection
for Your Business

Can your business afford to lose all of your business data?

There are numerous ways to lose it - from accidental deletion to viruses and hackers’ attack. According to Accenture reports, in 2018 the average cost of a malware attack on a company was $2.4 million.

So, is your company data protected enough?

Intotech will securely back up all your files, including documents, emails, and applications

Here’s how our backup will help you protect your business data

* Fast data recovery available 24/7

* Safely protects data on your laptops, desktops, servers, and external drives

* Backups available for as many months/years as needed

* Local + offsite backups for protection from disaster

* Your data is safe from computer virus and ransomware attacks

* Simple recovery of current or old versions of documents

* Backups are fully protected with industry standard encryption

Gain peace of mind of knowing your important business data is safely and securely backed up, continuously protected and easy to restore.

Never worry about losing business-critical data again.

Contact us at to learn how we can help you protect your important business data at an affordable cost. Don’t leave your data to chance.

Data backup

Backing up is crucial for protecting your business's continuity. If your only backup is on a single desktop/laptop computer or mobile device and it's lost or stolen, your business data is gone. And having paper copies of business data isn't adequate data protection; what if your business premises burn to the ground or experience severe flooding? Once again, the data you need to carry on your business could be irretrievably lost.

Data Loss

There are many ways to lose your data:

* A desktop/laptop hard drive crash or damage to your mobile device can render your data unrecoverable

* Your computer or phone can be stolen - business break-ins are common and according to statistics 97% of stolen laptops/desktops are never recovered can be accidentally deleted (or deliberately deleted by a disgruntled employee)

* Your computer can be hijacked by malware

* Your online storage accounts can be hacked

* A ransomware attack could render your files inaccessible until a substantial fee is paid

A Data Backup Regime Is a Must

For adequate data protection, you need to establish a data backup system that follows these three steps:

* Backup business data regularly

* Create backups on reliable media or in the cloud

* If using media for backups keep the devices in a secure, off-site location

The basic rule for business data protection is that if losing the data will interfere with doing business, back it up. Desktop software programs can be reinstalled if required but recovering the details of transactions or business correspondence is impossible if those files are lost or damaged beyond repair. 

Back It Up or Risk Losing It

Don't run the risk of losing your business data. The best defence against such a disaster is proper data protection. By creating a backup system that includes archiving and backing up your business data regularly and properly, you'll ensure that your business will be able to weather whatever storm it faces and carry on. Remember - you can never have too many data backups!